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Welcome to ACLARUS

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

Welcome to ACLARUS marketing. Our mission is to help small businesses build BIG brands without spending BIG bucks. What does that mean?

Before starting ACLARUS, I worked in corporate America and with many big, wonderful agencies. What I quickly realized when I started ACLARUS is small businesses really need good marketing. Their owners are already wearing too many hats. That said, there is no way small business can afford the price tags that often come with marketing agencies, so they are left to try to do it themselves late at night after they've finished the day's payroll...Or even worse, it doesn't get done at all. So I decided ACLARUS would be the place that small businesses could get the marketing help they needed and wanted, but without the big price tag.

People often ask, "Why Aclarus? What is that?" Clarus is Latin, meaning clear. I sincerely believe that clarity is the first step to any great marketing plan or campaign. If you don't have clarity, you really can't expect to have a successful marketing campaign. The other question I usually get is "What kind of marketing do you do?" My short answer is usually, "Whatever my clients' need." ;-) I know that you don't have time to coordinate five different marketing services, so I offer a one-stop-show. With nearly 30 years of marketing experience, chances are we can handle whatever you need. If you do want something that is not a core competency for us, I have partnerships with numerous specialty agencies that can fill in the gaps. I will manage the process for you, so my number is the only one you have to keep track of.

Specifically we focus on strategic marketing and branding. We believe that it's important to have a plan before you set out on your marketing journey. And once you have a plan, you want to build a strong brand, so your followers can find you wherever you go. A few of the activities that help shape your brand are:

  • Logos

  • Websites

  • Social Media

  • Advertising

  • Collateral

  • Public Relations

Once small business owners find out all the things that ACLARUS does, they want to know how much it costs. Remember the second part of our mission is "without spending BIG bucks." We do our best to keep our costs reasonable. We will work with you to figure out how to fit in your budget. So far, we have been able to work something out with all of our clients. I don't want money to stand int he way of you having good marketing.

That's a little about ACLARUS, but I would really like to hear a little about you. Tell me about your business. What do you do to get clients in the door? What keeps them coming back? How do you decide what story you want to share with them? If you aren't sure, go ahead and give me a shout. I'm happy to help you figure that out. And check back here every week to see the latest marketing news and tips to help you Build A BIG Brand Without Spending Big Bucks.


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